About Us

Axentra Corporation is all about bringing total digital freedom to consumers by offering them a leading edge yet easy to deploy and maintain complete software platform for managing their Digital Home infrastructure and personal digital content. Axentra’s value proposition goes well beyond state-of-the-art networking; it is about giving total control over their digital environment to tens of millions of broadband Internet users.

  • Who we are
    Axentra’s team and founding partners are seasoned industry professionals who believe in the vision of the connected digital home, and are committed to delivering a state-of-the-art digital media software platform for home networked, smart devices. At Axentra, our main focus is to develop and market personal digital media appliance software for the digital home. Axentra delivers its HipServ digital media software platform and applications suite to power OEM-branded consumer smart appliances, from storage to residential gateways, routers and set top boxes. In addition, Axentra and its partners offer OEMs and Service Providers ready-to-go, certified hardware/software smart appliance bundles that are optimized for the HipServ platform.

  • What we do

    Axentra’s HipServ Platform

    At the core of any serious digital media server lies an operating system or operating environment. The operating environment needs to be robust, expandable, and easy to configure and maintain. Axentra’s pioneering Linux-based digital media software platform and applications suite have earned leadership status in the Open Source community over the past several years.

    The HipServ platform harnesses the strength of an enterprise grade Linux operating system, the Apache Web Server, MySQL database, and other key Open Source technologies, enhanced with Axentra’s proprietary modules and applications. The HipServ platform brings new value by integrating these key components into one pre-packaged software solution that provides users with an easy-to-use, Web-based graphical user interface (GUI).

    One of the major achievements of the HipServ platform is how it enables storage, management, serving and sharing of media in the home and externally to any Internet browser, ranging from Windows and Macintosh PCs, to mobile and handheld devices such as phones, PDAs and media players.

    The HipServ digital media software platform runs on a wide range of embedded devices as well as on Windows PCs

    The Axentra Advantage

    Axentra’s solutions for consumers, OEMs and Service Providers offer seamless integration, hardware/software optimization, portability, low cost of deployment and maintenance, and, most importantly, ease-of-use.

    This all provides new freedom for consumers in their digital lifestyles, and large productivity gains and savings for OEMs and Service Providers: all of which are essential in today’s fast-paced digital world.

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